The project

In the Asterix project, Adigo develops technology which makes it possible to spray herbicides on weeds only – not crop plants or the ground. Using machine vision and advanced patented technology, the herbicide is sprayed only on weeds, without hitting crop plants.


Industrial design, machine vision, fluid dynamics, electronics design, software, prototyping, production techniques, user query and testing

Innovation for better weed management in vegetable farming, project no. 234226/E50.

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Research, testing and development of precision-spraying in vegetable farming, project no. 180017.

Dette prosjektet er støttet av den Europesiske Unions Horizon 2020 forsknings- og innovasjonsprogram under tilskuddsavtale nr. 736354.

Environmental Technology Enterprises Financing Scheme. Project Asterix, project no. 254238.