Adigo AS

Adigo AS works with industrial product development. The projects we are usually involved in are technologically advanced and have interdisciplinary requirements. Often the combination of user experience, dynamic mechanics and real-time electronics. Energy technology is also a field where we often perform work.

We have skill and experience in project management, user studies, industrial design, mechanical systems, real-time electronics, heating/cooling technology, logistics and production planning. Adigo’s customers range from major industrial companies to individual entrepreneurs and research institutions.

We want to develop good solutions based on insight into the practical requirements placed on a product, both from our customers and end users.

Adigo AS was established in 1996 and our employees come from academic circles in industrial design, machine design, engineering cybernetics, informatics and thermodynamics.

We are an informal organisation and adapt the interdisciplinary skills we have in our network to efficiently come up with great products. We have fun at work and feel privileged to work with so many varied challenges!

Design and manufacture of innovative products based on insight in the market, user needs and technology.

Core values:
–  Improve our methods to develop better products more efficiently
–  Encourage and respect individual creativity, initiative and personal growth
–  Be responsible and involved
–  Good integrity and ethics

Adigo is a Latin verb which means “I drive forward”